Enrichment Day Camps

Our popular enrichment camps provide kids the opportunity to try cool new experiences on our amazing campus. Our camper to staff ratio also ensures that every child will have the opportunity to make the most out of summer.

Looking for other choices?  Check our new electives in our Raider Days offerings here, including  Science & Technology, Theater & Improv. (June sessions only) , Arts & Crafts, Cooking , and Outdoor Adventure (July sessions only)   

 Our 2017 enrichment programs include:

Sun, Moon, and Stars Art Camp!





Join us as we reinvent these heavenly bodies through art! We’ll learn fun science facts while exploring both our outer and inner universes. Express your point of view using the sun, moon, and stars as inspiration. Through pottery, printmaking, drawing, and painting, you’ll be an art star as you bring home a new masterpiece every day.

DATES: July 24 - 28

TIMES: 9 am - noon

AGES: Boys and Girls rising 3rd - rising 5th grade 

 COST: $175 (+ materials fee of $20)



Baylor Summer Woodworking campers are excited to use equipment and tools in our well-equipped woodshop. They create their own projects from raw materials.  They’ll learn how to use hand tools and some power tools. Campers build skills, such as how to safely use tools, learn how to get precise lines using squares, clamp their wood for cutting with hand saws, and learn the importance of measuring twice before you make a cut. Projects may include birdhouses, cutting boards, coasters, bookends and boxes.

Working in a fun and supportive atmosphere, students also practice problem-solving mistakes so they can successfully complete their projects.

Dates: July 17 – 21 - HURRY! Only 3 spots left!

Times: 9 am – 3 pm (lunch is included) 

Ages: Rising 5th – rising 8th grade

Price: $275 (+ $25 materials fee)

Dance Camp

July 10 - 14 | 9 am - noon
Rising 2nd grade - rising 6th grade | $175

Join us for a fun-filled dance camp and get a taste of all that Baylor Dance has to offer! Led by Baylor dance instructor, Elizabeth Cox Roemer , students will study a variety of techniques including ballet, modern and jazz/hip-hop. Campers will also have opportunities to create their own movement studies. Dancers will love learning many different styles in a positive, enriching atmosphere. So kick up your heels and get ready to have a great time! A special friends and family showcase will take place on the final Friday of camp

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes to dance in:

Tank top/t-shirt

Dance pants or shorts

Leotard and tights

Water bottle

Healthy snack

Where to go:
Drop Off:  At 9 a.m., please follow the signs to Roddy Theater and Performance Hall.  
Pick up:  Please meet (and sign your camper out) at the same location as morning drop off.

Everyday Etiquette

Everyday Etiquette | July 17 - 21
9 am – noon | Rising 3rd grade - rising 7th grade | $175
Based on the popular Everyday Etiquette After School Program, Everyday Etiquette Camp is five days of confidence building social skill learning.  Hands on activities, games, role playing and excursions around Baylor’s beautiful campus make our time together fun and active. Emphasis is placed on laying a foundation of good manners and leadership skills. Campers will create a special keepsake during the week. Friday we will practice our week’s learning and celebrate our time together with a festive luncheon. 

Camp learning includes:
How to be a great host and guest (sleepovers, parties & other social occasions)
Table manners at home and out
Minding Your Digital Manners- cell phone, social media and email
Thank you notes and invitations
Being a good friend
Dealing with adults respectfully
Two fun line dances including dance etiquette
Out & About Manners 
Making introductions, conversation, first impressions
The importance of a confident speaking voice, eye contact and positive body language
Listening skills


Camp Parent comments:
“Thank you making our “diamond in the rough” a bit more polished! My friends actually noticed he is more polite after attending your camp. ”


“Your camp increased my daughter’s sense of self confidence and I love that you included posture and table manners. She actually told me that she would feel much more comfortable talking to teachers and parents now that she had taken your course. I greatly appreciate all you’ve done!” 

Additional Information:   

Where to go for drop off and pick up 

Drop off: At 9 a.m., follow the signs to Weeks Science Building.  Camp will meet in Weeks 102.  
Pick up: At noon, please pick up and sign out your camper at the same location as morning drop off. 

Intro to Digital Photography

Digital Photography

June 6-9 | 9 am - 11:30 am
ages rising 5th - rising 8th grades


Students in this class will produce a themed, composite (made of multiple images) self-portrait while learning both basic photography and lighting skills, as well as Photoshop™ techniques for selection, masking, and adding visual elements.


June 19 - 23  | Ages: 8 - 13, boys and girls, weight limit 120 lbs.
Camp Times: 9 a.m - 4 p.m.
Travel Times 8:30 – 9 a.m.; 4 pm - 4:30 pm
Cost: $325


This exciting introduction to sailing takes place at the Privateer Yacht Club on Lake Chickamauga and is designed for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of sailing and those who have had some sailing experience and want to improve their technique. Each session will include land-based classroom learning (such as knots, the parts of a sailboat, steering into the wind and away from it, and how to rig the boat), as well as on the water instruction (including safety procedures, righting a swamped boat, sailing between points no matter what the wind direction, and refining individual techniques.) By the end of the week, you will have the knowledge and skill to guide your own boat around a marked course across the lake.

We will provide lunch each day.

Each camper who attends our sailing camp must know how to swim and be comfortable in the water. Part of the sailing experience is being able to “right” one’s overturned boat. Windy conditions make for powerful forces on a small boat, and this can be a fearful experience as one learns to control an Optimist sailboat. It is not a camp for those who aren’t already swimmers.

More information on our instructors:
Privateer Yacht Club will have two instructors who are US Sailing Certified Level One.

Steve George (McCallie School, ret.) is US Sailing Certified and has supervised the McCallie Sailing Program for many years. Steve is very interested in teaching the fundamentals of sailing to lots of kids and has signed on to assist with the Baylor program this year.

Lucas Kindervater will also work as coach and will be US Sailing Certified before our sessions begin. Lucas is presently a student at UT. He grew up in The Virgin Islands and actively raced in Opti Prams.

Each camper must bring their own life jacket (Type 3 is preferable: three straps across the front). The life jacket should fit snugly and not be oversized. Vests must be worn while sailing, swimming, and walking the docks.
Each camper must have appropriate footwear. Aquasocks or other shoes than can easily get wet are highly recommended for sailing camp. (NO SANDALS PLEASE – ALL SHOES MUST HAVE A CLOSED TOE!)

Additional Equipment:
Wear a swim suit along with shorts and a t-shirt
Sunscreen (remember to apply before camp)
Aquasocks or shoe that can get wet. (NO SANDALS PLEASE – ALL SHOES MUST HAVE A CLOSED TOE!)
Water bottle that can be carries on the boat
Camp will meet each day, Monday through Friday, rain, shine or no wind.
Note: it might be a good idea to check for chiggers or ticks at the end of each day, for we will be in an outdoor environment.

Starting at 8 a.m., please bring your camper to WEEKS Hall, Classroom 101. The bus will depart EXACTLY at 8:30 am.

The bus will arrive back on Baylor’s Campus between 4 - 4:15 p.m. Please meet (and sign your child out) in the same location as morning drop off.
Each camper will receive a Baylor Sailing Camp t-shirt.

Because safety is the foundation of our whole camp, it is imperative that each camper follows our guidelines to the letter. Should we have a problem in this area or another, we will phone the parent and ask that the child be picked up at the Privateer Yacht Club by noon. A continuing problem could mean dismissal from the sailing camp.
Baylor's Sailing Camp will take place at Privateer Yacht Club on Lake Chickamauga. Click here for directions to Privateer Yacht club.

Theater Camp

Theater Performance Camp

rising 3-8th grade | 9 am - 3 pm | $285

June 12 - 16

Wrangle up your talent and rassle up some bad guys during this hilarious week of spoofing The Old West! This one-week, full-day camp provides a fun and unique theatre experience for rising 3rd-7th grade students. Campers rotate through acting, music, and movement daily. Our week concludes with a final camp day performance for family and friends.


More Information
What to Bring
Please wear comfortable clothing (shorts and t-shirts)
Tennis or flat-bottomed shoes
Water bottle

Where to go:
Drop Off:  At 9 a.m., please follow the signs to Roddy Theater. 
Pick up: Pick up and sign out your child at the same location as morning drop off. 

Day Walkabout Camp

2017 Walkabout Day Camp  

Week 1: June 26 - 30 | rising 3rd - 6th grade

Week 2:  July 24 - 28 | rising 5th - 8th grade

$285 / week

Monday and Friday: 9 am - noon
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

What is Walkabout?  It’s an outdoor program that inspires Baylor students to be adventurous and now you can be part of the fun!  
Walkabout instructor Bett Adams ’02 along with student instructors will work with campers in all aspects of our famous outdoor program.  Hiking, paddle boarding, climbing, and canoeing are among the many activities.
More Information

What to Bring
Comfortable clothes that can get wet

a change of dry clothes
shoes to stay dry (sneakers or lightweight hiking shoes)
shoes to get wet 
      EXAMPLE: Chacos, Teva, Water Socs, Old Sneakers etc...(required for swimming; will be used each day) 

water bottle
(Optional): Hat
(Optional): Sunglasses with leash

Where to go:  
Drop Off:  At 9 a.m., please drop off at Worsham Arena.

Pick up: At 4 p.m. (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and at noon (Monday and Friday), please pick up and sign out your child at the same location as morning drop off.


GRAMMAR CAMP FOR CURRENT BAYLOR STUDENTS | Rising 9th, 10th, and 11th grades

Baylor Grammar Camp 2017 

These are short summer classes for Baylor upper school students (new or returning).  The purpose of the classes is to provide a concentrated focus on grammatical structures as a way to help students write correctly and perform effectively both in class and on college entrance tests.  Students will work with a variety of apps on their iPads to reinforce their own understanding of concepts as well as the understanding of other students.  Classes will last from 10:00 a.m. – noon (with a break and snacks halfway through).  There will be no homework. 

Week #1.  Monday-Friday, July 24 - 28
Grammar, Usage, and Standardized Tests (for students entering 10th and 11th grades).  The class will focus on such concepts as subject-verb and noun-pronoun agreement, parallelism, correct use of apostrophes and commas, errors involving pronouns and modifiers, sentence errors, and other concepts tested on the English section of the ACT and the Writing Skills sections of the PSAT and SAT.  Monday-Friday, July 24 - 28 

Week #2:  Monday-Friday, July 31 – Aug 4  
Essentials of Grammar and Punctuation (for students entering 9th, 10th, and 11th grades).  The class will focus on subjects, verbs, complements, phrases, clauses, sentences, comma rules, and rules involving other punctuation.  Monday-Friday, July 31 – Aug 4


Registration is required in advance; the course is limited to 30 students per week.  To register, click here (select the Current Baylor Students heading to register)

Cost:  $100 per week. 


Students may join the sessions online.  Cost:  $25 per week.    To register for the online session, click here (select the Current Baylor Students heading to register)


Math Camp for Baylor Students rising into the 6th grade

August 1 - 4
9 am - 11:30 am

Get ready for the upcoming year by attending this review session.  Through engaging games and activities, participants will strengthen their basic math skills and knowledge of operations with fractions and decimals.  Participants will gain confidence while having lots of fun!






ART FOR CURRENT BAYLOR STUDENTS | Rising 6th, 7th and 8th grades

POP and POUR Art

First, we’ll find inspiration in the artworks of Andy Warhol to create prints of your favorite luminaries or celebrities.


We’ll also create 3-D pour paintings inspired by Holton Rower. You’ll learn some basic woodworking techniques to create your own tower. Then, you’ll have a blast pouring, pooling and mixing long rivers of paint to create your own 3-D painting. This delightful and sensual one of a kind experience is not to be missed!


Check out the process here:



DATES: July 31 - August 4

TIMES: 9 am - 3 pm

AGES: boys and girls rising 6th - rising 8th grade

Cost: $275 (+ $25 materials fee) 

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Enrichment Camps!

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