Vol. 51

Issue 2

Celebrating Creative Expression at Baylor since 1966


 : Poetry

In A World Of Chaos

Byline: Grace Bostock


Too soon the gold medallion rises,

Awaking the tasks that call out to me.

Accomplishing them all spawns a krises,

But the gold eye is already asleep.

It's thy serenity that keeps me sane.

How peacefully thy notes waltz through my mind.

Its thy sounds gliding through my cluttered brain,

That keep my beating heart still gold and kind.

You're chords engraved in my heart you will spot

Bringing me bliss, giving me merriment

Providing a place for me and my thoughts

Guarding my soul, blocking out irritants

In a world of chaos thou be by my side

Music, my love, my therapy, and guide.

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