Vol. 51

Issue 2

Celebrating Creative Expression at Baylor since 1966


 : Poetry

Ekphrastic Poetry

Byline: Franny Pettway

Franny Pettway
Franny Pettway

List of Wishes

Based on Jackson Pollock's, Pasiphaë

You wish to wake up with a smile everyday, but your mind restricts you. Yellow.

You wish to call her even though you gave up on her, but your mind stops you. Blue.

You wish to tell her how you really feel and what you're thinking, but your mind builds walls. Purple.

You wish to tell her how she's always on your mind, but your mind tells you don't. Black.

You wish to learn everything imaginable, but your mind has a capacity. Grey.

You wish to trust her, but your mind reminds you of the bad times. Pink.

You wish to speak freely, but your mind holds your thoughts captive. Green.

You wish to travel endlessly, but your mind reminds you of the dangers. Lavender.

You wish to love everyone, but your mind finds the imperfections. Red.

You wish to finally rebel, but your mind warns you of the consequences. Orange.

You wish to meet the love of your life, but your mind hasn't found the person yet. White.

You wish to have faith in her, but your mind shows you all the times she has failed. Navy.

You wish to go out on a weeknight, but your mind reminds you of your anxiety. Forest green.

You wish to have a better understanding of her mind, but your mind does not have that ability. Aqua.

You wish she would love you...

But you messed that up yourself. Rust.

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