Notable Alumni

Baylor School has many remarkable alumni/ae, some of whom are profiled here. Many of our graduates have distinguished themselves in major fields ranging from education and law to medicine and journalism.

  • Arthur Golden '74

    Arthur Golden '74

    Author, Memoirs of a Geisha

    Arthur Golden’s first novel, Memoirs of a Geisha, took the literary world by storm, and he’s...

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  • Callie Taintor Wiser ’98

    Writer, Producer, Director

    “Creativity and problem-solving skills are absolute necessities in the world of television,” Wiser says. “Nothing prepared me better for that than my time at Baylor.”

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  • Alan Murray ’73

    Chief Content Officer, Time Inc.

    Murray believes that journalists should gain an appreciation for language and knowledge of the world rather than attend journalism school. His success in his field certainly makes a case for this approach.

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  • Morris (Sandy) Weinberg, Jr. '68

    Morris (Sandy) Weinberg, Jr. '68

    Federal Prosecutor

    While wrestling and the law seem to have little in common, both enterprises require face-to-face showdowns which...

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  • Tom Jolly

    Thomas (Tom) Jolly '73

    Editor, New York Times

    Tom Jolly was in one of the hottest of the hot seats on Election Night 2000. As part of the team that...

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  • Tene Hamilton Franklin '91

    Facilitator, Human Genome Project

    An Advanced Placement Biology class with Bill Tatum sparked Tene Hamilton’s interest in genetics, and...

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  • Dr. Coleman Barks ’55

    Poet, Author, Teacher

    Dr. Coleman Barks ’55 was 39 when he was first introduced to the work of the 13thcentury Persian poet, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, known to the English-speaking world as Rumi.

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  • Donald Pippin ’44

    Donald Pippin ’44

    Broadway Conductor

    Donald Pippin ’44 served for 14 years as Musical Director of New York’s Radio City Music Hall and is considered one of Broadway’s most honored conductors

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  • Barry Moser '58

    Barry Moser '58

    Artist, Illustrator, Publisher
    In a corner of Barry Moser's two-level studio hang his awards – a certificate naming him "A Living New England Treasure," an American Book Award, a medal of the National Academy of Design, a medal of...
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  • Nate Rawlings '00

    Captain, US Army

    When Nate Rawlings entered Princeton Univer­sity, he had no intention of joining the Army. But he came to think of military service as a good bridge between college and graduate school and signed up for ROTC

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  • Laurie Speed-Dalton ’92

    Medical Malpractice Litigator

    Laurie Speed-Dalton ’92 turned 40 the Friday before she was interviewed for this article. On Saturday she swam ten miles in the Tennessee River in less than four and a half hours.

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  • Lauren Templeton ’94

    President, Lauren Templeton Capital Management

    From the time Lauren Templeton ’94 was eight years old, her room in Winchester, Tenn., was decorated with certificates of the stocks she selected for purchase each month. The bedtime stories her father told her were tales of investing.

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  • Seth Carico ’00

    Opera Performer

    If bass-baritone performer Seth Carico ’00 hadn’t been eager to impress a high school date, chances are he might not have become the international opera performer he is today.

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  • Mariah Mayfield ’93

    Owner, Shadowbox Paperie

    Mariah Mayfield ’93 has found a niche in the nostalgic. The owner of Shadowbox Paperie, Mariah sells customized wedding invitations, birth announcements, personal stationery, greeting cards, and other miscellaneous paper items.

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  • Dr. George Smith ’87

    US Department of Education

    Dr. George Alan Smith ’87 is wholly content serving as chief of staff for the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Vocational and Adult Education in Washington, D.C.

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  • Jacob Young ’74

    Writer, Editor

    “Baylor had instilled the notion that I could do all the things on my to-do list.”

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  • Kelli Howard Smith ’95

    Varsity Softball Coach

    Raising money and awareness of breast cancer has become a personal mission for head varsity softball coach, Kelli Howard Smith ’95

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  • Ben Farrell ’88


    If anyone could convince you to exchange thirty dollars for a twenty dollar bill — and to do so gladly — it would be licensed auctioneer Ben Farrell ’88.

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  • Capt. Marisa Catlin ’97

    U.S. Air Force

    Capt. Marisa Catlin’s childhood fascination with planes has taken her around the world but not as a typical passenger.

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  • Adam Kinsey ’98

    Co-owner, Track 29 Performance Venue

    Track 29 entertainment co-owners, Adam Kinsey ’98 and his wife, Monica, deserve a round of applause.

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  • Lyndsay Thurston Botts ’93

    Chief of Staff

    “This school produces leaders. You stand a little taller and walk a little prouder knowing that you’ve gone to Baylor.”

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  • Ashley Farless ’94

    Engineer, Certified Planner

    Ashley Farless ’94 wasn’t asked to write this alumni profile. But she thanks Baylor almost daily for instilling the skills she would need had she been called upon to do so.

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  • Jennifer Eitel Young ’92, Stephanie Eitel Farrar ’95

    Eagle Ear Entertainment

    Our goal with Eagle Ear is to continue to pursue our own music while we keep ourselves relevant. We find talent and help other artists reach their potential...

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  • James (Jamy) Wheless '82

    James (Jamy) Wheless '82

    Designer and Animator
    What happens when you dream of working for Disney and end up with George Lucas?
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  • Owen Roberts ’03

    Engineer, Environmentalist

    When Owen Roberts ’03 was interviewed for this article, he had just returned from Haiti, and it’s a safe bet that he’ll soon be packing for another adventure.

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  • Jack Studer ’01

    Co-founder, Lamp Post Group

    Jack Studer ’01 and his partners selected the name Lamp Post Group for the company they co-founded because it works on many levels. The lamp post is a landmark in the country of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series. It plays a part (likely a tribute to Lewis’s classic books) in the television series Lost, and of course a lamp post helps light the way in darkness.

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  • Charles Mayfield ’92

    Fitness, Nutrition Entrepenour

    The combination of competitive drive and cooking didn’t immediately click with Charles Mayfield ’92, but once it did, it was only a matter of time before he had a best-selling cookbook on his hands.

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  • Lizzie Chazen ’02


    Former Baylor Player and actress Lizzie Chazen ’02 has returned to the local spotlight, sharing her considerable talent on the stage and behind the scenes at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.

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  • John Michael Weatherly ’98


    If you’ve been wondering what former Baylor Player John Michael Weatherly ’98 has been up to lately, just check out Robert Redford’s movie “The Conspirator,” which opened nationwide in April starring Robin Penn Wright, James McAvoy, and Evan Rachel Wood.

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  • Randy Weinberg ’70: Changing Lives

    Dharmagiri Outreach Director

    Randy Weinberg ’70, a Princeton graduate, was class valedictorian, state champion wrestler, and a Rhodes Scholar. More than 30 years ago, he also became a Buddhist practitioner...

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  • Veena Rangaswami ’00

    Program Manager, Peace Child India

    “One of the main reasons I got interested in working abroad was my experience in Jamaica [on the spring break community service trip] my senior year,” said Rangaswami. “It led me to think about what I wanted to do with my life.

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  • Gary Wheeler ’71

    Pediatrician, Professor

    Gary Wheeler ’71 who is now a professor and pediatric specialist in immunology and infectious diseases, points to many aspects of his Baylor years as having had an influence on his choice of college and career.

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  • Francis Fesmire ’78

    Physician and Novelist

    Fesmire's book, “Nashville Skyline is a moving story of human weakness and redemption. Fueled by Southern history and classical mythology, Fesmire’s story of Gabe Rutherford’s journey will stir anyone who remembers the sting of a lost loved one or the heartbreak of lost love.”

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  • Matt Prater ’01

    Adventurer, Photographer

    He has earned degrees in archaeology, art history, and ancient civiliza­tion, but Matt Prater ’01 says a kinship with Indiana Jones is the real impetus behind his recent global odyssey.

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  • Ashleigh Dawkins Pipes ’94


    The stacks of notebooks surrounding Ashleigh Dawkins Pipes ’94 for much of last summer and this past fall have been placed in the hands of children 7,000 miles from her home in Jacksonville, N.C.

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  • Randy Davis ’74

    Founding Partner, Bor­neo Divers & Sea Sports

    “College is just the training ground for a profession. You’ve got to get your education before you get to college, and Baylor certainly did that for me.”

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  • Carl Schow ’05

    Co-owner, The Antiquarians

    As co-owner of The Antiquarians, Carl Schow, '05, made more money in his first eBay transaction than he did in two weeks at his part-time job.

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  • Johnny Johnson ’57

    Co-founder, Oceaneering International

    As oil gushed from the BP Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico last summer, efforts to contain the spill on the surface were low-tech in nature: skimming, chemical dispersants, and burning.

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  • Richard Hall ’91

    Senior VP, U.S. Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management

    “If I could say anything about the Baylor experience – and it’s the thing I would want for my son – it is that it instilled the confidence to set my course and pursue my dreams.”

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  • Lorri Eberle ’98

    Riverkeeper, Environmentalist

    "I had such a strong foundation at Baylor that college was almost easier than high school.”

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  • Ivan “Funkboy” Bodley ’82

    Musician, Musical Director

    Bodley, who has “no wife, no kids, no pets, and no mort­gage,” jokes that he has performed in 8,000 bands...

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  • Morgan Jahnig ’97: A Place in the Spotlight

    Old Crow Medicine Show

    Although he didn’t make the cut for a musical performance scene in the 1994 Baylor production of “The Grapes of Wrath,” Morgan Jahnig ’97 (pictured above on bass) has found his place in the spotlight...

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  • Christopher Keene ’97: Staging a 360°

    U-2 Lighting Technician

    As a member of the lighting crew for major rock and pop concerts for the last decade, Christopher Keene ’97 has a unique perspective on the complexity of staging a mega-million dollar concert production...

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  • Andy Berke ’86

    Mayor of Chattanooga, Former Tennessee State Senator

    Senator Andy Berke ’86 and his best friend and Baylor classmate, Chad Waldorf ’86, debated about politics when they were Baylor stu­dents, and they still do today. Waldorf is very involved with the Republican Party in South Carolina while Berke, a Democrat, represents Tennessee’s 10th District in the State Senate

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  • Brandon Stansell ’05

    Singer, Dancer

    Having performed with Opryland Productions eight years, Brandon Stansell ’05 was already acquainted with the stage and well on his way to fulfilling a lifelong dream to be an entertainer when he was selected as a backup dancer for Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour.

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  • Kim Keith Berglund ’96

    PBS Programming Executive, Education Consultant

    A month into her junior year of high school, Kim Keith Berglund’s family moved from Atlanta to Chattanooga. Not knowing what to expect, Berglund was relieved when she visited Baylor in anticipation of the move and attended Joe Gawrys’s world literature class. “I thought it was cool and liked the way he set up the class. It was more of a discussion than a lecture,” she remembers.

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  • Sam Holmes ’83

    UGA Foundation Chair, Real Estate Executive

    When Sam Holmes was a high school sopho­more in his hometown of Monticello, Ga., population 2,500, his parents realized that he needed a school that would expand his world — academically, athletically, and so­cially.

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  • Roy Fuller ’79

    Theater Program Director

    Before Roy Fuller’s interview for this pro­file, he made a list of Baylor teachers who had influenced him. “It’s a long list,” he warned. “What Baylor gave me was a confidence about myself and the world around me that I didn’t have coming in.”

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  • Justin Boyd ‘95

    Research Scientist
    From the time he can remember, Justin Boyd has loved science and discovery. Justin is now using those senses daily as a research scientist at the National Institutes of Health.
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  • Brett Granstaff '98

    Brett Granstaff ‘98

    Filmmaker, Producer
    By the time Brett Granstaff ’98 arrived at Baylor as a sophomore, his father, a national sales manager for Northern Life, had moved the family 20 times. When Brett’s family...
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  • Jenni Kirk Steck '93

    Jenni Kirk Steck ’93

    Stage Actress
    Jenni Kirk Steck ’93 has combined her acting, administrative, and teaching skills to make a career doing what she loves.
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  • Philip Morehead ’60

    Philip Morehead ’60

    Head of Music Staff, Conductor
    Philip Morehead ’60 does not have a short answer when asked what he does for a living.
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  • Stephanie Allen '92

    Stephanie Allen '92

    Visual Effects and Animation Executive
    Ask Stephanie Allen about her most significant high school learning experience, and she doesn’t hesitate...
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  • Laurel Creech '92

    Laurel Creech '92

    Environmental Activist, Nashville Disc Jockey
    Not everybody decides to climb the highest peak in the lower 48 states “just for the challenge,”...
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  • William (Bill) Duff  '45

    William (Bill) Duff '45

    FBI Counterintelligence Specialist, Author
    After a distinguished career in the intelligence community, Bill Duff watched with fascination as the Soviet Union crumbled...
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  • John Johnson '57

    John Johnson '57

    Senior V.P., Oceaneering International
    Johnny Johnson takes exploration to new heights and new depths through his company Oceaneering International...
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  • David Lowance '58

    David Lowance '58

    Professor, Emory University, Transplant Specialist
    An Atlanta kidney transplant specialist, David Lowance has held close the spirit and values of his Baylor years throughout his career...
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  • George Mann '60

    George Mann '60

    Conservationist, Museum Owner
    When George Mann says he prefers living off the land, he's not kidding. The wildlife museum...
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  • Sandlin (Sandy) Mattice, Jr. '72

    Sandlin (Sandy) Mattice, Jr. '72

    Federal Judge
    Sandy Mattice still has a copy of beloved English teacher Roy Ashley’s self-published grammar compendium “The Syllabus” tucked away...
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  • Robyn Snyder '93

    Robyn Snyder ’93

    Child Life Specialist

    It’s doubtful that Robyn Snyder ’93 spent much time growing up plotting how to be more popular with kids than...

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  • Rachael Miller '98

    Rachael Miller ’98

    Theater Educator, Actress
    Anyone who knows Rachael would not be surprised that she is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in drama and theatre for youth...
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  • David Yann '92

    David Yann '92

    Real Estate Analyst

    Born in Cambodia, David and his family escaped the war-torn country after the North Vietnamese invasion in 1979.

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